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Whats the point of having watchers when they're mostly just scavengers? I ask for help on something and ask for advice on what i should make next yet nothing from anyone of you lol. This site is trash
Hey peops. Need some help -… - pls go here and see if you know anything i can do to fix this game without uninstalling it. Uninstalling is my last resort but tbh with the situation with internet, im not gunna do that for idk how long. Thanks and have a good one
SSJ4 Vegeta and SSJGod4 Vegeta (extreme butoden)
All feedback in the comments is appreciated. Please ask before being used

I made my own ssj4 vegeta using extreme butoden sprites. the the red haired one is my version of a SSJ4 god version. I was tired of seeing the dumb and ugly all blue ssj4 gd version so i made my own. Proud of it.

Also the bottomm one was just the first version i made of him standing up. Just to show the progress I've made til this day.

I dont own ssj4 vegeta
Vegeta (extreme butoden)
All feedback in the comments is appreciated. Please ask before being used

Here is the Prince of Saiyans, Vegeta.

I was going to put them all in order to just organize and put cell saga, buu saga, and god saga all in their rows but there is only a few for cell saga and just different variants for Buu saga and way more for God saga. So i just put what fit (deal with it)

As you can see, the first row has a vegeta that looks very ugly. That was the first ever extreme butoden sprite that I edited and "finished".
Just to show progress and I'm glad I finalized Vegeta. I made Super Vegeta also in the same row. I managed to make his iconic stance when he fought Goku in the Saiyan Saga. King Vegeta is there as well with super saiyan four. I totally made this whole description and just added this sentence, I forgot to mention Vegeta black. Honestly I'm torn because I don't think it wouldve been smart to make vegeta black a thing, but this design… - by IndominusFreezer, is just like on point and would totally be his design. The blue strap just is the cherry on top. So bravo to him.

The second row has buu saga vegeta along with ssj2, tenkaichi alt color (I really liked vegeta with black), ssjb buu saga vegeta (just for fun i guess), The reason for making the sprite where he goes backwards is because I wanted to redo all his sprites to be his God saga clothes because its my favorite new design so far for him. Having his Cell saga clothes throughout super is... rather disappointing. Its ugly too (only with ssjb)

I wanted to do the same with SSJ4 vegeta and started to try to make his iconic stance in the form along his the beginning of his final shine attack.

I do not own Vegeta or any other characters from the Dragon Ball series
Trunks - WIP (extreme butoden)
All feedback in the comments is appreciated. Please ask before being used

Here is Trunks. Personally I didnt like the look nor colour scheme Extreme Butoden had on trunks. He looked bulky a little and so I decided to redo him myself. He's a work in progress but to me it looked way better than the game version. I hope I can get it to be perfect.

As you can see, super 17 is there and the reason for that is because i truely liked the concept art of Super 17. Not the arc itself. I would've liked to have seen PURPLE HAIRED Trunks fight Super 17 in super and train again with Vegeta and what not. Don't bother getting all technical with me saying "it wouldn't make sense" or "He already did something like that" I didnt figure it out and didnt want to. Just thought it was a cool idea and maybe they wouldve made super 17 have a better origin and arc.

Vegeta will be coming soon. He's the first person I started on but there are some things I wanna fix up with his transformations

I do not own anything Dragon Ball


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Yamato012 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017  Student Writer
Would you be able to do Extreme Butoden sprite requests by any chance?
AntiLifePills Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017
Yamato012 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017  Student Writer
I was thinking of doing something of a form chart for a character of mine
AntiLifePills Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017
i dont do oc and never will unless paid tbh but who would pay for that?
unless ofc i try to make it the best and then be paid. but thats not likely